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Welcome by Alison Robb-Webb in The Atrium Clubhouse


Keynote Address by Diana Osagie in The Atrium Clubhouse

Coaching and the Courageous Leader

How can the courageous leader unlock the potential in themselves and in others using coaching?

Before you build a culture of coaching in your organisation you need to take a deep dive of self-reflection. Leaders go first, establishing a strong ‘WHY’ and showing up with their authentic self, the community will surely follow.

In this keynote address Diana will be sharing personal leadership truths and strategies that finally led to that elusive place of “the light at the end of the tunnel”!


Keynote Address by Patrick Ottley-O’Connor in The Atrium Clubhouse

Creating a Culture of Coaching: A School Leaders Perspective

Patrick believes that all leaders should embrace coaching by modelling good practice and accessing coaching themselves.

By owning their own development through coaching, leaders should look after themselves first before looking after others.

Coaching is certainly not a soft option! Instead, done well it can engage and empower all to really talk, listen and be heard; have difficult conversations; and support the movement from a school of evidence provers to one of solution seekers.

As an antidote to an all too common culture of high stakes accountability, Patrick will share his approach to creating a culture of coaching that embraces a high expectation, no excuses approach to school improvement, whilst placing staff mental health and wellbeing at its heart.

As well as outlining his strategic approach to creating a culture of coaching, he will share practical strategies through a narrative of the high and lows on his leadership journey through a variety of challenging contexts.


Morning Refreshments in The Atrium Clubhouse


Keynote Address by Philippa Cordingley in The Atrium Clubhouse

Making a Difference – Setting Up Coaching to Enhance Pupils’ Learning, as well their Teachers’ Practice

This interactive keynote will involve participants in exploring the core skills and principles of coaching based on the research about how coaching contributes to pupil success.

Building out from colleagues’ existing skills and ideas, Philippa will help us unpack the key ingredients for successful coaching relationships – where success is defined by the difference being made to the learning of the Pupils of the teachers being coached and of the coaches themselves.

The session will include analysing a short video clip illustrating common problems and successful practices, explore a tool for connecting coaching effectively and appropriately with performance review and conclude with an outline of a case study of a school that has used coaching at scale, the key issues involved in establishing a genuinely coaching culture and the role of tools in securing quality and coherence.


Workshops in Whittlebury Hall (select one)

Professor Christian Van Nieuwerburgh in Nurburgring – Ground Floor

The Complexities of Advanced Coaching Practice

In this interactive workshop based on Christian’s latest co-authored book, Advanced Coaching Practice: Inspiring Change in Others, participants will have the opportunity to explore aspects of advanced practice in order to be even more impactful in their coaching.

This workshop is designed for experienced coaches.

Patrick Ottley-O’Connor in Suzuka – Ground Floor

See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it

Energising, engaging and empowering colleagues to own their own issues & have the conversations they dread this workshop will provide a blend of theories and practical strategies to support coaching conversations and has two key parts:

  1. Encouraging participants to reflect on their approach to coaching to energise, engage and empower coachees to see and own their own issues.
  2. Exploring strategies to solve and actually do something to resolve the issues, including having difficult conversations.

Philippa Cordingley in Indianapolis – Ground Floor

Building Capacity for Excellence Through Coaching – Tools, Skills and Principles for Maximising the Benefit of Coaching

This very practical workshop will help colleagues ensure that teachers being coached are in a position to make effective use of their coaches and that coaches reap the benefits of the coaching process for enhancing their own practice as well as that of their colleagues.

The workshop will involve colleagues in unpacking video clips of real coaching conversations which illustrate both common problems and ways of overcoming them.

It will provide a number of practical tools which will encompass; frameworks for structuring and pacing coaching conversations, learning agreements that set effective boundaries to coaching relationships whilst enabling effective leadership monitoring of progress without breaking confidentiality; and a breakdown of the skills coachees need to demonstrate to signal their readiness to take greater control over their learning.

Diana Osagie in Hockenheim – Ground Floor

The Conquering of Fear

Becoming a courageous leader takes time, you can be in leadership for many years and only have just started your courageous chapter.

Some leaders never take the time to develop this aspect of leading their community; but once your role involves leading others it is important that you can lead with courage.

Delivered as a coaching masterclass, you will leave invigorated for your leadership journey with a healthy dose courage and tenacity.

Throughout this workshop you will focus on the ‘conquering of fear’ and you will leave empowered with a plan in your hand and spring in your step!


Lunch in Astons Restaurant – Whittlebury Hall


Workshops in Whittlebury Hall (as above)


Afternoon Refreshments in The Atrium Clubhouse


Keynote Address by Professor Christian Van Nieuwerburgh in The Atrium Clubhouse

Prioritising Wellbeing: Integrating Positive Psychology into our Practice

In this keynote, Christian will highlight the fundamental importance of wellbeing in educational settings.

Based on learning and evidence from the fields of coaching and positive psychology, delegates will have the opportunity to reflect on practical ideas and strategies for changing the nature of some of their interactions and conversations.


Close by Alison Robb-Webb

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